Celebrating 10 years of uninterrupted excellence

Known for its luxurious accommodations and outstanding naturalist guides, INTEGRITY celebrates 10 years of uninterrupted service this month.

It is rare that any yacht can boast 10 years without missing a single day of service, but that's what comes from being owned and operated by perfectionists—a testament to the meticulous maintenance provided by the Sievers family.  

Rolf Sievers came to the Galápagos with his family in the 50s from Germany.  After more than a decade as manager of the Charles Darwin Station, he started small yacht tours in the Galapagos. Today, Rolf and his two sons, Dirk and Christian, own, operate and maintain INTEGRITY to the highest possible standards.

The hull of the yacht that is now INTEGRITY was originally built in Louisiana by Gulfcraft in 1977. She was originally used for daily fishing tours in the Gulf of Mexico. Later sold, she served for years as a dinner cruise vessel, operating out of Brooklyn, New York.  Refitted in Pierre Part, Louisiana, she first entered service in the Galápagos as a day passengers vessel for the Hotel Delfin in Santa Cruz under the name  “Delfin ll”.

According to Rolf,

"Our family purchased the yacht and took her to the naval shipyard in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 2004. The vessel was dismantled, practically ending up with an empty hull without superstructure, engines, auxiliary machinery or navigational equipment.
Over a period of several months, the yacht was totally rebuilt under the architecture and engineering supervision of Dirk and Christian.
Among other aspects noteworthy of the design is, that all guest staterooms are located on the main deck with large windows facing the ocean and no exterior passage way to interfere with guests' privacy.
All machinery and equipment was installed new, such as main engines, generators, electronics, water makers, sewage treatment plants, stabilizers, air conditioning, walk-in freezer and refrigerator, furniture and a myriad of other items that are needed to have a fully functional and superior yacht to operate in Galapagos waters.
Ever since she has been in service, a team of over 30 employees, both stationed on shore and on board, operate and maintain the vessel. Mechanics on board attend the day to day chores while cruising, and once a week, when the vessel is in port, the shore based engineers look after the more complicated issues that may have come up during the cruise.
Every year, during the month of September, INTEGRITY is refitted. Engines and machinery are overhauled and interiors, such as wall coverings, carpets, upholstery etc. is changed and/or repaired as needed. Every second year she is going into dry dock in Guayaquil for hull and running gear maintenance.
Due to this constant attention, INTEGRITY is able to offer 48 weeks of cruising per year and the superb teamwork of all employees has made it possible to not miss a single day of service during the past 10 years."

Since its entry into service with INCA and the Sievers family in 2005, INTEGRITY has redefined the standards of excellence in luxury and reliability.

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